Hi, Angela! I know exactly what you mean. I recently read a book that I enjoyed called "The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell." It was written as a memoir, and I kept thinking it was real. I was disappointed when I found out that it was a novel. How much of his own life he put into it, I don't know. I think it's hard for writers - with their vivid imaginations -- to keep the line drawn between fact and fiction. I've written a memoir about my dad and growing up in the 60s, and even my sisters remember things differently than I do. That doesn't mean it's untrue! So when you throw in the desire for wealth and fame, or you mix in publishers and media who claim a book is one thing when it's another, it's easy to see how some hoaxes get started. Thank you so much for writing. If your agent is looking for a readable, entirely TRUE memoir, let me know!

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