Curation Matters to Everyone

Selected Stories from June 12th to June 25th

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Curation matters to everyone. I’m always pleased when a piece I’ve written gets curated. It’s like someone saying, “Good job!” While having curated pieces is essential for long-term growth on Medium, (and it feels good!) it doesn’t guarantee views or income.

Both of these pieces were curated in two categories each. I was pleased to get into the History category twice.

: Writing and History
Date Published: 6–17–20
Publication: The Writing Cooperative
Story Duration: 6 minutes

  • The above article originally included a section on how to correctly use the semicolon and some research on whether or not different Medium writers use semicolons. I didn’t realize that The Writing Cooperative doesn’t talk about Medium advice, and that “how to use a semicolon” had been done many times before. I deleted those sections and beefed up the historical parts, and they took the piece.
  • If an editor gives you suggestions, use them! Don’t give up because it wasn’t an automatic acceptance.

: Books and History
Date Published: 6–19–20
Publication: Literature Lust
Story Duration: 4 minutes

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